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pg电子官网状态 Community College became one of 20 community colleges across the U.S. designated as a ‘Caring Campus' by the Institute for Evidence-Based Change when it was selected for the initiative in 2020. The Caring Campus Initiative represents an ongoing commitment to connect with, and support, students to help them reach their educational goals with care and includes everything from the way students are greeted on campus to the services the College provides.

As a result of pg电子官网状态's work in this area, the College has opened a food pantry to address hunger among students, made free mental health services available to students on campus, established a center for career and workforce development, including a work wardrobe where students can find clothes for interviewing, implemented success advising, established a Veteran’s meeting area and a mother's lounge, and worked with the pg电子官网状态 Future Foundation to make emergency funds available for essential needs like transportation, among other services.


Resources Available to Students


pg电子官网状态 Tutoring Labs offer FREE academic tutoring for pg电子官网状态 students. The lab at the Hanceville location includes a computer courtyard with access to 25 电脑.

English • Math • Science • Resume Building • And More!

主校区- JBC 8楼,256.352.7821
小时: Monday-Thursday 8 am-6 pm;  Friday 8 am-2 pm

奥尼昂塔学术中心 127房间




pg电子官网状态 Career Services is committed to assisting students in achieving career readiness by developing employment soft skills, coordinating apprenticeships/internships/co-op, job placement, sharing career opportunities, and supporting students and graduates 在确保就业方面.

Apprenticeships/Internships/Co-Ops • Job Fairs
Career Planning • Workshops • Resume Building

工作衣橱 offers free professional attire and styling tips for students seeking employment. 工作衣橱 is located in JBC 904.

pg电子官网: JBC 11楼或256楼.352.8461




pg电子官网状态 offers the 退伍军人’ Corner to student veterans who need a place to 学习、聚会或放松.




The pg电子官网状态 Association of Nursing Students offers a private room for nursing mothers to use a breast pump, with a refrigerator for storage and additional supplies. Go to the Nursing Administration office on the third floor of the School of Nursing and Center for Science for access to the room.

School of Nursing and Center for Science


Any student may utilize these services offered through programs on campus:
农业和园艺 工厂销售(256).352.8035)
汽车服务 (256.352.8151) 
• Cleanings, X-rays, teeth whitening through 口腔卫生 (256.352.8300)
•美容服务由 沙龙及水疗管理 (256.352.7819)
•访问 健康中心 (256.352.8354)


Success Advisors meet regularly with students and provide them with the structure, tools and motivation they need to persist through challenges and get the most out 他们的教育. 位于 the Center for Student Success, our advisors can help you choose classes, plan your schedule and put you on the pathway to completing your 程序. 



Lions’ Kitchen is a free food pantry open to all pg电子官网状态 students. 位于 Room 106 of the Student Center.

During Regular 业务 Hours, stop by or call 256.352.8462
Contact 校园警察 after hours at 256.735.9975



狮子会厨房标志Lions’ Kitchen is a free food pantry open to all pg电子官网状态 students. 位于 Room 106 of the Student Center.

During Regular 业务 Hours, stop by or call 256.352.8462
Contact 校园警察 after hours at 256.735.9975




The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're committed to improving crisis services and advancing suicide prevention by empowering individuals, advancing professional best practices, and building awareness.

Call the Lifeline at 800-273-8255

Visit the NIMH Suicide Prevention website.

Visit the Suicide Prevention Lifeline website.



杰米•纽曼Free Counseling Services for Students! 完全保密. 
位于 the Bailey Center, 3rd Floor - Office 306. 也可以通过虚拟方式获得.
电话: 256.427.9336
After Hours/Mobile Crisis Line (Call/Text): 256.783.2014

Office 小时: Monday through Thursday, 7:00am to 7:00pm


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After Hours/Mobile Crisis Line (Call/Text): 256.783.•紧急情况:拨打911

National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline (and 退伍军人 Crisis Line) 
Available 24 hours • Call or text 988

Are you concerned about yourself or a classmate? 我们想帮忙. 提交护理报告


There are several services available to students and community members throughout 阿拉巴马州中部和北部. These services are offered for free of charge or at minimal 成本. 看一看!

View the Community Resource Guide

Have a need and are unsure where to start, contact 克里斯汀 Wiggins: 256.352.8462, 克里斯汀.wiggins@0oro.net



“This initiative is a natural next step in our evolution to provide superior customer service for a holistic student experience, with wraparound services that address not only education but the many contributing factors that influence student success.”
--pg电子官网状态 President Dr. 维姬Karolewics